Medical ID Bracelets and Keyrings
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Your MOBILE NUMBER Bracelet Slim Glass Seed Bead Girls Elastic 9 Colours White Letter Beads ICE Child Safety


Keep your child safe! We will make a bracelet with your own mobile number on it.
When your child wears it, people can get hold of you quickly if you get separated!

- If your child is going out on her/his own for the first time
- If you are going to a theme park, festival, park or other place with crowds
- If your child has special needs eg autism or has a tendency to run off

A very dainty and delicate bracelet with small glass seed (pony) beads, metal spacer beads and white acrylic letter beads on strong elastic. The letter beads are 7mm diameter, glass beads around 4mm.

Please message us in the text box to let us know your phone number!

Remember that this is not a toy. It has small parts and is unsuitable for very young children.

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