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New range of inspirational bracelets on MediBracelets!

New Products Webshop news

Happy to announce that we added some diet/lifestyle and inspirational bracelet designs to our MediBracelets webshop. These designs are usually only sold via our Amazon, eBay and Etsy channels, but we really feel that they have a place here as well.

We all need an inspirational push from time to time, and these bracelets can give you and others that little nudge. You can choose from wording such as Stay Strong, Patience, Courage - or why not Hope or I Can Do It! Why not buy one for a friend or family member, to show that you're thinking about them?

You will also find a selection of diet/lifestyle bracelets, including Vegan, Vegetarian, Keto, LCHF, Paleo and Sugarfree.

As well as these, we have also added our popular LGBT lifestyle support rainbow bracelets!

All designs are available in a wide range of sizes.



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